How Mobile App Engagement Can Grow Your Small Business

How Mobile App Engagement Can Grow Your Small Business

What is mobile app engagement and how can it help your to grow your small business.

Mobile apps don’t just have to be for the big brands. Provided you develop a mobile app that provides a tangible benefit to your customers then it may be worth considering.

Mobile apps aren’t a passing trend and many small business owners have thought about developing an app for their business but aren’t quite sure how it will deliver a benefit and allow you to better engage with your customers.

Mobile App Engagement With Your Customers

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As mobile devices have become a necessity for everyone in the modern world, they also represent the largest opportunity to cut through all the ‘advertising noise’ and reach your targeted customers.

Provided you can develop an app that provides a benefit to the user, and is worthy of being retained on their phone or tablet, giving you a unique opportunity to engage with them.

Whether you deliver a service, sell products in a store or run a restaurant, developing a mobile app for your business is one of the few ways that a small business can function like a big brand!.

Here are some of the ways you can use a mobile app to engage with your customers:

Rewards Programs

Mobile apps simplify the delivery and management of rewards programs and also increase app engagement and use at the same time. They all fuel each other to increase participation, customer loyalty and demand.

Giveaways, Promotions and Free Trials

Organising coupons, deals and contests that get fans and followers talking about your business and engaging with your app allow you to drive even more business and generate additional sales. Unlike in the past when running a promotion meant an investment of thousands of dollars in printed material, running these through your mobile app and social media accounts can reduce costs and increase engagement.

Push Notifications

These represent the single largest benefit of having a mobile app for your business and give you the opportunity to deliver your message directly to your customer as an alert message or notification on their screen – guaranteeing it will be seen.

You can send push notifications to the mobile devices of your customers when you have events, promotions or discounts you want inform them or even to confirm an appointment and reduce no-show rates.

Research has shown that 97% of push notifications are read, compared to around 7% of emails that get opened. Push notifications represent mobile app engagement at its best.

These are just a few simple ways that mobile app engagement can grow your small business.

Mobile apps aren’t just for the big brands, however you need to deliver a real, tangible benefit to your business and a positive return on investment to make it worthwhile.

Talk to us at any time about how mobile app engagement can grow your small business.

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