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The Power of App Marketing & Monetization
How To Stand Out & Profit In The App Store

The Power of App Marketing & Monetization contains the latest strategies and tactics to improve your findability on the App Store, increase visibility across a variety of app marketing channels to drive rankings and revenue while improving your return on investment.

Everyone who has launched an app is looking for:

  • Better exposure for their app on the app store

  • More targeted, loyal users downloading their app

  • Increased profit from effective monetization

With over 750,000+ apps now being hosted on the Apple App Store (and more than 700,000 in Google Play), the days of simply tossing your App out into the marketplace with the hope of gaining fame and fortune are in decline.The-Power-of-App-Marketing-International-400w

Marketing for iPhone or smartphone apps is similar to marketing other online software products, although the marketing tools available have expanded in recent years, especially in the area of social media and the various mobile channels.

Follow A Proven Path To Success

The steps are still the same: develop a product that your customers want and need (your app), create and deliver a strong marketing message that attracts your ideal customer, and continue to develop your product, your messaging and your marketing to ensure that you retain customers (and generate new sales) long term.

Today, you need an effective app marketing strategy that attracts the buzz and app downloads necessary to make your App a success.

Some of the things you might implement in an effective mobile app marketing plan include:

  • App store SEO

  • Mobile advertising campaign management and optimization

  • Mobile landing page design and conversion analysis

  • Setup and design of custom Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages – including custom social media Ad campaigns that generate awareness and downloads.

  • App submission to relevant app review sites

  • Blog writing and posting on relevant blogs and forums with high traffic

  • Unique PR strategies for mass awareness in a short amount of time

  • Cross promotion of your app across other relevant applications

  • Viral video release via social media

And many more advanced app marketing strategies, depending on your App!

Get Started On The Right Track

We understand the challenges associated with finding new users for your app and implementing the right mix of monetization strategies to maximize your revenue.

There is no “silver bullet” that is going to make a dramatic change overnight (although changing your app name is the one thing that has the potential to do this!). You need to implement a diverse and strategic app marketing plan.

In order to implement your app marketing plan, you need to either invest your own time, or pay an app marketing company who will do the work for you.

Before you can do either of those things, you need to understand exactly WHAT you should be doing so that you can make the most of your time and money

The Power of App Marketing is an information-packed guide on how you can stand out and profit in the App Store. It contains proven strategies for optimising your user acquisition funnel, attracting more customers and ways that you can effectively monetize loyal users in your app.

Inside The Power of App Marketing & Monetization you’ll discover:

  • how to identify your ideal customer and determine the best places to find them.

  • how to effectively optimize your app store description

  • effective monetization techniques

  • ways to attract more qualified and loyal customers

  • how you can easily target other countries and languages

  • useful ways to skyrocket your social media success

  • special strategies for the Google play store

In order to assist you in navigating the complicated path to success through the app stores, we have broken this book down into the key Power Segments that need to be optimized to give yourself the best chance of success.

Simple, Easy To Follow Format

Refer to the Power Segments and Bonus sections within the book to get access to the latest and most effective app marketing and monetization strategies. Each are clearly marked for easy reference with sub-headings throughout each chapter so that you can have this information at your fingertips.

As you continue to evolve your app roadmap you should include your plans for ongoing app development, monetization, app promotion and marketing to ensure they are all working together and to maximize your chance of success.

We’ll help you do that by giving you straightforward, no-nonsense advice on all of the options that are available to you as an app marketer including effective app promotion strategies, advanced app monetization techniques and ways that you can tie it all together as your app roadmap evolves.

These are tried and tested tools and techniques designed to sell more apps and we are sharing this with you in one information-packed book.

But you probably want to know how it is really going to help you?

Will it help increase my app store ranking?

Yes, the book covers valuable information on App Store Optimization that can not only show you immediate improvements but explain long term strategies where you can use the feedback you get from your users and the media to boost your credibility.

Will it help me get more users for my app?

Yes, we have included a variety of strategies for attracting and converting the most profitable type of customers, and how you can know exactly what these loyal users look like.

Will it help me make more money from my app?

Yes, monetization is about far more than the money you make selling your app on the App Store. We discuss some of the more common monetization methods like in-app advertising and in-app purchases and also look at some other lesser-known tactics that are being used in some of the top apps.

This book was put together based on years of experience in online marketing and app marketing so that there would be a way to see all of the options that are available to you as an app marketer.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Brad Davidson. I have over 20 years experience in sales, marketing and product development and have been involved in online marketing for over 6 years.

Having been involved in app development and marketing since 2011, I have spoken to over 500 different app innovators about their unique ideas and been directly involved with marketing for over 12 apps on the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

I founded App Consultants to provide app development and app marketing advice and services to app innovators who weren’t sure what steps they needed to take to maximize the potential of their app.

This book is what I believe to be one of the most complete guides to marketing and monetising your app that you’ll find today.

The Power of App Marketing & Monetization has been written specially for app developers who have little or no marketing experience as well as app innovators or business owners who are new to the area of app marketing.

We wanted to provide a better understanding of the options that are available for implementing an effective app marketing strategy that creates buzz and increases user acquisition while increasing engagement with your loyal new users to drive revenue and improve your return on investment.

In The Power of App Marketing & Monetization we have included the 6 Power Segments that are critical to your App Store success and where getting it right really does separate the winners from the losers in business:

  • Know Your Target Audience

  • App Store Optimization

  • Effective Monetization

  • Attracting More Customers

  • Localizing Your App

  • Skyrocket Your Social Media

We’ve also included 5 BONUS SEGMENTS that you can use right now to get started.

  • Optimizing For Google Play Store

  • WOW FACTOR Case Studies

  • App Marketing Checklist

  • Media Review Pitch – Sample Email

  • Building A Customer Profile

The information contained in this book will assist you to understand the scope of opportunity that exists to market your app and the broad range of monetization techniques with something that will suit any app.

Take an important step to making your app a financial success and download The Power of App Marketing & Monetization today.

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One of the topics we cover inside the book is Localization, which is the process of changing the language used for your app.

Since we understand the importance of Localization, there were two copies of the landing page created for the book, one to suit the Australian audience (remember, this is an Australian business) and another version with the American spelling that would be more readily accepted by the International audience.

Therefore, based on your preference, please choose below which version of the book you would like to download:

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