Monetisation For Voice Assistants

Monitising Voice Assistant Apps

Monetisation for voice assistants can most simply be explained by considering the three types of voice assistant skill purchases including subscriptions, consumables and entitlements.

1. Subscriptions

Subscription purchases for voice assistants, is probably the most familiar to us and a carry-over from screen-based purchase habits.

This includes purchases like periodical subscriptions, content subscriptions etc each month where at any fixed interval, you can make a payment and you have access to that content.

2. Consumables

Consumable purchases for voice assistances include the types of items that you get once, and then it’s gone. Much like a doughnut, once you eat it, you can’t eat it again.

Voice app consumable purchases are good for hints and tips, perhaps new clues or alternative quiz categories in a trivia game.

Consumable voice purchases can help the user get over a big hurdle or tiny hurdle in their experience.

3. Entitlements

Entitlement purchases for voice assistants are the types of items that you purchase once and own it forever.

Voice app entitlement purchases are a great way to create features that you unlock and experience, that is always in place for your customers.

Blending Monetisation Strategies

In addition, all three of these voice app monetisation strategies can be blended together in unique ways. You may offer some content that is consumable, that’s also available through subscription as well, and that is permanently unlocked, like entitlements.

If you haven’t started exploring monetisation for voice assistants, to maximise the potential for your voice app, you may be missing out on opportunities to leverage some of your existing content in different ways.


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