Introduction to the Google Assistant SDK

Wayne Piekarski introduces the Google Assistant SDK. Developers can now have the Google Assistant built-in to any project they are working on, from toys and games, to everyday devices.

Discover how you can take the Google Assistant SDK and build it into your existing projects from adding smarts to a toy robot to having your electronic potted plant talk back to you.

So, what exactly can the Google Assistant SDK help you with?

With the Assistant SDK your device can provide the full Google assistant experience which allows you to talk to Google to ask questions and get things done with actions on Google.

You can also extend the Google assistant with your own commands. For example you could build an action to change the state of the local device such as turning on an LED light or moving a robot. In addition you can use either the OK Google hot word or a button that you provide to start talking with the Google assistant.

Finally you also get to see the transcribed text of what the user says you can use this text to implement additional local device functionality based on the conversation for example you could scan for certain happy or sad keywords and change the mood lighting of the device.

The Google assistant SDK is designed to make all this easy and straightforward helping you get from zero to prototype very quickly.

Learn more about the Google Assistant SDK or join the Google Assistant Community.

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