Introducing Alexa Smart Home Voice App Development

Amazon Alexa Smart Home App Development

Smart Home Voice App Development With Amazon Alexa

Alexa is Amazon’s voice service and the brain behind millions of devices like the Amazon Echo. With Alexa and the Smart Home Skill API, developers can add voice control to nearly any smart, connected device. Device manufacturers can certify products through the Works with Amazon Alexa program to make it easy for customers to discover them, and to ensure an intuitive, hassle-free experience.

Voice technology is changing our daily lives and every day app developers are using Alexa to make the home smarter.

Alexa voice app developers can integrate nearly any Smart Home device with Alexa.

A built-in voice user interface for smart home control makes it easy and supports multiple languages, plus with routines, customers can control multiple devices at once and focus on what matters most.

Developers have already made cameras, lights, locks, Smart TVs, thermostats and more work with Alexa and more than 1,000 products are already certified via the works with Amazon Alexa program.

Learn more about the Alexa Smart Home here:

Watch the video for the complete presentation on Alexa Smart Home App Development:


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