Tips For Designing Better Google Assistant Voice Apps

Discover three design tips that will help us build better apps for the Google assistant.

The Google assistant is a conversation between the users and Google and users can get things done by talking with the assistant.

Designing a spoken dialogue between a human and a computer in advance, accounting for all possibilities, both in
function and user behavior, and still have it feel natural, is the key to building a good voice interface.

Be careful to not to fall into the trap of simply converting a graphical user interface into a voice user interface!. This defeats the purpose of using a conversation. People are not going to change how they talk anytime soon so we need to take what we know about human to human conversation and apply it so our apps can talk to humans in a more natural way.

#1 Create a persona
#2 Think outside the box
#3 Remember, that in conversations there are no errors

Watch the video for the complete presentation by Google Developer Advocate, Ido Green to hear more detail about the top three design tips for developing better Google Assistant apps.

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