iPad Mini Release Date And Feature Leaks

iPad Mini Release Date

The Apple iPad Mini is expected to be announced to the market in October and likely to be available for purchase soon after with a rumoured 7.85-inch tablet with an aluminium back casing similar to the current iPad.

Additional features touted in the iPad Mini include a rear facing camera and the new Apple Lightning connector announced as a feature on the iPhone 5 launched last week.

Chinese website Bolopad released images on Tuesday of the mini-tablet which shows two speakers, one on each site of the Lightning connector which is a change from the traditional iPad configuration of one rear speaker however it is likely that these are smaller capacity speakers.

Apple is known for being secretive about its new products and the recent iPhone 5 launch was diverged from this strategy becoming one of the most leaked products in Apple history with most leaks proving to be correct and appearing in the final version.

Perhaps this is the Tim Cook effect starting to flow through Apple and it is quite possible that these early releases of the iPad Mini photos will actually end up being quite close to the truth.

Here are the images taken from Bolopad and Mashable:





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