Apple iPhone 5 Launch

Apple iPhone 5

The dust has now settled after the launch of the iPhone 5 and analysts have had amble time to analyse the feature changes from the iPhone 4S.

Apple has been inundated with interest for the new iPhone 5 with 2million orders being placed in the first 24 hours and showing that despite being knocked off of the front page news because of the Kate Middleton topless photo scandal, the passion for new products from the Apple faithful has not disappeared.

The new Apple iPhone 5 was launched to much fanfare last week and will be available in Australia from September 21st.

The new iPhone has a 10.2-centimere “retina” display and is 20 per cent lighter than the iPhone 4S and comes with high-speed 4G LTE access to suit the mobile networks offered by Telstra and Optus.

When comparing the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5, the aesthetic changes are obviously the first to be noticed with the new model being 1.7mm thinner and 8.6mm taller while coming with a new A6 chip that Apple claims will help to take photographs 40 per cent faster.

One other critical feature change in the iPhone 5 is the move to the new Lightning port connector for synching with a computer or docking for charging. The Lightning port is 80 per cent smaller than the 30-pin connector currently used in the previous model iPhones along with the iPad and iPod touch.

This simple change was expected to cause the most disruption for the Apple fans who will now need to purchase all new accessories for the iPhone 5 or a $35 adaptor which can be used for devices that only support the 30-pin connector (which in many cases, such as alarm clocks and audio systems) is also used to hold up the phone.

Coming along with the iPhone 5 us the new Apple iOS 6 operating system where a new Apple Maps app will replace Google Maps on the iPhone and also features the Apple Passbook apps which Apple sees as paving the way for in-store payment processing (without the need for the NFC chip) however time will tell if leaving NFC off this device has opened the door for Android powered devices to become the standard for those wanting ‘swipe to pay’ type technology on their phone.

iOS 6 also offers deep Facebook and Twitter integration allowing you to instantly and easily share photos on social media while voice assistant Siri has been customised to suit Australian customers now having more nearby points of interest like restaurants or cafes.

Overall the new iPhone 5 has some great features that will appeal to Apple faithful and new users alike however existing Android users will probably stick with their Samsung Galaxy S III which may users claim is far more advanced and useful than the Apple iPhone – however that is obviously a matter for everyone’s personal opinion.


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