Weblance is the next evolution of the online freelance marketplace model for mobile app development.

Weblance has tackled the issues of quality head on and implemented a best practice methodology that provides greater transparency, better communication and superior project management resulting in a more successful project and greater satisfaction.

The team at Weblance are focused on doing just one thing well and that is focussing on helping people build successful apps well.

While they have spent a lot of time refining their tools to allow people to build apps as fast as possible, these tools are really helping people work together and helping them to deliver the highest quality product possible.

All of the app development tools on the Weblance site are based on solid project methodologies and enforce best practice throughout the development process. Weblance has been founded by professional project managers and freelancers who have been through it and know what it takes to mange a project properly and understand that building your app right means building it at less cost and deploying faster.

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