With only a small percentage of software development projects completed on time and within budget, the management of your app development is critical to its success. From the time-poor to the tech newbie, we have app project management solutions to suit developments of any size.

App Consultants experienced project managers can work with you to get a complete understanding of your vision for the project and then become the liaison between yourself and the developer to decipher all the techno mumbo jumbo they use to adjust the cost and delay delivery.

Inexperienced or first-time app creators can often be fooled by developers into paying for ‘additional extras’ or making changes that won’t cost any more but will delay delivery by a substantial timeframe.

An experienced project manager will ensure that your chosen developer delivers your project on-time and within the agreed specifications.

As an App Consultants Approved Developer, all companies are required to comply with our Terms & Conditions for delivery in order to continue to receive opportunities to develop apps for our clients so you can be sure that our chosen partners will deliver your project on time and within budget.

We are also happy to consider Joint Venture approaches from clients who would like to partner with a professional project manager to keep their development on track and are looking to minimise their up-front development costs.

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