There are a variety of challenges presented to anyone that is looking to develop their first mobile application.

Until you find a trusted development partner you can be sure that like any industry, the sales team are just interested in getting the opportunity through the door and will be happy to tell you just about anything to make that happen.

It is not until you sit down with the developer (often as a part of a paid scoping meeting) that they can really dig down and understand the true complexity of some applications.

However most people want a ball-park estimate of what their app is likely to cost before they are willing to invest anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 on meetings to develop the complete design for your application.

In order to achieve this the developer needs to be provided with a moderately-detailed project brief which will allow them to provide an initial estimate.

Our will help you to work through the early stages of developing your idea and understanding how it might all come together in the mobile world.

During our 30 minute or 60 minute consultations you can have an open and honest discussion with our independent, expert advisors as we will work through the framework of your idea and help you understand some of the possibilities for your app and explain what type of information you need to provide to developers in order for them to provide a reasonable estimate.

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