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You have worked so hard to create your app, now you need to give it every chance to succeed.

Successfully creating an app is very different from making a profit in the iTunes App Store or Google Play. It takes the right marketing mix to attract new users and turn them into paying customers.

App Promotion Packages

Boost your app’s visibility and downloads or launch a new app with our ready-made marketing packages.

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Individual Services

In order to give yourself every chance to make money from your app our mobile app marketing services are specifically designed to get maximum results.

It is easy to get started…App Consultants provide a variety of app promotion services including:

  • App Store Optimisation
    One of the most critical elements to success on the iTunes App Store or Google Play is how your app looks in the app store. Customers often make a snap judgement based on your app store listing and it is important to get noticed by more customers when they are browsing for apps.Our App Store Optimisation services include competitive research, including the optimal category to list your app, recommendations on your app display name, research on the right keywords to use along with an optimised app description to grab users attention and help convince them to buy your app.

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  • Press Releases
    With more and more apps competing for attention each and every day you need a powerful tool to get noticed. Our App Press Release service will give you a compelling press release about your iPhone or iPad app, game or mobile magazine that will be distributed to popular media websites to get your app in front of influential bloggers, the press and potential customers along with a written report showing you how many views and clicks your press release received along with links to websites that re-published your app press release.

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  • Icon Design
    Your app icon is more than just a pretty picture, it is often the first thing that potential customers notice when deciding which apps to download or buy. Customers have to make a quick decision to click on your app solely based on your app icon and app name.Our app icon design service will give you everything you need in one easy package including a polished, eye-catching icon design, 3 design concepts to choose from and all of the icon sizes you need for your app store listing.

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  • Published Web Reviews
    Being featured on popular app review websites for iPhone, iPad or Android apps can get you the exposure you have been looking for. Review sites can receive hundreds of requests each day and having your app reviewed can be difficult but with our Published App Review service you will receive video or written reviews on 5 popular and influential websites that are proven to attract app users.Published app reviews allow you to reach a large audience of app users and keen app shoppers, you can use the quotes from the app review to help boost your app sales by including them in your app description, website or promoting on social media – basically anywhere your customers will see it and boosting your visibility can help increase the number of customer who know about and buy your app.

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  • Translation Services
    One of the easiest ways to make your mobile app more attractive to customers around the world is by translating your apps description and keywords into four foreign languages of your choice. A recent study by Distimo showed that translating your app store descriptions led to 26% more revenue and 128% more downloads the following week.Your app description is translated by a skilled person to ensure high quality and authenticity and your customers will appreciate having the description in their native language, helping your app to stand out from English-only competitors and you’ll no longer be missing out on sales because of a language barrier.

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  • App Video Production
    Plain text and a few screenshots are no longer enough to really sell your app. Successful apps today require high-impact videos that generate excitement and sales. People watch over 13 hours of video each month and people who watched a product video are 85% more likely to buy.An app promotion video is a stand-alone advertisement that shows the top features of your iPhone, iPad or Android app that you can use on your website, post to YouTube or other video sharing sites and send to reviewers for maximum impact.

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  • Social Media Marketing
    We all know the power of social media and people are talking about iPhone, iPad and Android apps online each and every day. Our Social Media Marketing plan will ensure that they are talking about your app and social media cannot be ignored if you want to maximise your app sales.Or social media app marketing packages will help get more people talking, tweeting and raving about your app so let our experts do the work to make you look good online.We have a variety of packages especially designed for iOS and Android apps, games and mobile magazines including promotions using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and a variety of other additional sites.

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