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App Review Service

If you want to reach a large audience of people who are actively looking for apps like yours then being featured on popular app review websites for iPhone, iPad or Android could just get you the exposure you’ve been looking for.

Due to the volume of app review requests the most popular sites receive, it can often be difficult to get your app reviewed.

With our Published App Review service you’ll receive a video or written review on 5 popular and influential sites that attract app users. (Please note that these app reviews will appear on independent websites, not as reviews of your app in the app stores).

Put your app on the very websites that your potential new customers are visiting to research what apps to buy or download.

Some of the benefits of Published App Reviews include:

  • Reach a large audience of app users
    By being featured on influential review website will put your app in frond of eager app users.

  • Use quotes from the reviewer in your marketing
    A published review provides social proof for your app. You can use quotes from the review in other parts of your marketing including on your website or in your app store description.

  • Boost your apps visibility
    Increase the number of customers who know about your app by being more visible in the market.

We use a number of fee-based review services so we cannot guarantee the nature or content of the review as they are all written by independent writers for each website.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for reviews to be published.

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