App Consultants Private App Creators Forum will be launching soon to give you access to a no-holds-barred Q&A about all elements of the app development process.

Our experts in the forum will include some of Australia’s leading app development minds who will help guide you through the process and happily share their knowledge and opinions to help make your project a success.

The forum will contain valuable information that is only available to clients of App Consultants. No questions are off limits and we will happily cover any topic related to mobile app development including:

  • Coming up with an app idea
  • Developing a spec or briefing document for your app
  • Picking a platform, Apple, Android or Windows Mobile
  • Protecting your idea with non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Approaching developers to quote without getting your idea stolen
  • Negotiating a development contract for your app
  • Managing your project and keeping the developers on track
  • Testing your application to ensure it works as expected
  • Preparing and executing your pre-launch strategy
  • Launching your app in the app store
  • Ongoing marketing and promotion for your app
  • And much, much more

Access to this forum will become a valuable tool in your arsenal and this information is not available anywhere else on the internet.

In order to get access to the App Creators Private Forum simply Contact Us By Email or call us directly to discuss how we can help you with your app development project.