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Create Innovative Mobile Apps
With A Professional App Development Partner

Mobile apps are one of the fastest growing innovations in the world that presents unique opportunities for both individuals and businesses to join the app revolution.

Many leading companies are developing apps to meet the needs of their clients and to deliver efficiencies within their businesses.

This same revolution is also creating amazing opportunities for individual app creators to take their ideas from the drawing board and to turn them into innovating and exciting mobile apps in a way that many people have never seen in their lifetime.

By harnessing the power and accessibility of mobile devices, apps allow you to reach out to a new and unique audience in exciting and innovative ways.

This Ever Growing Marketplace
Is Only Going To Continue To Grow

The Gartner Group is currently forecasting that there will be over 185 Billion downloads from mobile app stores by 2014 and with over 1 Billion Smart Phones expected to be in use by the end of 2012, these uniquely mobile devices will soon eclipse the 1.1 Billion internet connections around the world…..

The web as you know it is dying.

Mobile devices and tablets are taking over.

We now live in a Mobile World where apps are replacing websites.

So it’s time for you to get mobile…..

Work With Industry Experts To
Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

App Consultants offer you a customised experience that is determined by your needs. Our flexible approach, based around the understanding that there is no, one-size-fits-all solution, ensures that we approach each project on its merits.

Our 8 Step Process ensures that your app is professionally managed, developed, launched and marketed in a professional way:

1. Discuss Your Needs

First off, we need to understand your vision so we can guide you on the best options to deliver on your ideas. We provide you with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so that our discussions are protected and you don’t need to worry about us sharing your ideas with anyone else.

One of the key elements that will drive your project is the selection of the appropriate development platforms. We can work across all app operating systems including the latest Apple iOS 6, Android Jelly Bean and Windows Mobile 8 and including devices such as the Apple iPhone and iPad, the new upcoming iPad Mini or across the variety of devices supporting the Android operating system such as the popular Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab or new Windows Mobile phones from HTC and Nokia.

2. Develop Your Project Brief

We’ll work with you over the phone or via video conference to discuss the intricate details of your idea and help by suggesting ways to ensure you are maximising your opportunity in the market.

Once we understand your requirements we will develop the project brief explaining your requirements and provide you with a clickable wire-frame outlining the core functionality within the app.

3. Provide Price and Budget Estimates

Developing a proper project scope at the start ensures we can provide accurate pricing for all stages of your project development.

Once our team has completed the brief, we will be able to speak to our developers to get an indication of the cost breakdown and development timeframe for your project.

4. Complete The Final Design For Your App

When you are ready to proceed we will work with you to create the final design documents and graphic layouts for your app. Good design is at the core of all successful mobile apps and we want to ensure you are thoroughly happy with the concepts before we start development.

5. Development

Once the final design is agreed and signed-off, the team will start developing the code for your app. Our project management team will keep you up-to-date on the progress of your app and ensure that we meet the agreed development milestones to ensure your project is delivered on time.

6. Testing

Our App Testing Team will work on your app throughout the alpha and beta test phases to ensure that your app meets the specifications agreed in the final design.

During the beta test phase you will be provided with test version of the app to perform your own testing and we will work together to ensure that the app is tested as thoroughly as possible before it is launched to the market.

7. Marketing and Launch

Even before your app is ready for release to the market, we will work with you on creating a marketing campaign to ensure the successful launch and ongoing promotion of your app. Our expert marketing team knows what works and how to ensure your app gets maximum exposure to the market.

8. Support

Our developers provide ongoing technical support for the first 3 months after the launch of your app and offer a variety of ongoing support plans to ensure you can maintain and improve your app over time.

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No matter what your budget, App Consultants can develop a tailored solution for the development and marketing of your app.

If you want to get started straight away, we have our Non Disclosure Agreement available which will ensure your innovative concepts, and our discussion are fully protected.

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