What Is the Alexa Voice Service?

Amazon Alexa Voice Service

What Is the Alexa Voice Service?

The Alexa Voice Service (AVS) enables device makers to integrate Alexa directly into their connected products.

Alexa began with the Amazon Echo introducing the world to new voice forward experiences and enabling developers to build thousands of skills that made it possible to connect to other services and products through the Alexa voice service.

Amazon has simplified the creation of conversational interfaces for device makers. This allows developers to add Alexa and intelligent voice control to new products from mobile phones and cars to smart home appliances and smart speakers bringing magical hands-free voice experiences to customers.

The Alexa voice service lives in the cloud, it’s always getting smarter through API updates, new features and Alexa skills.

AVS offers a comprehensive suite of development tools and resources from technical documentation and development kits to prototyping projects and APIs, making it even faster and easier to build and launch Alexa enabled products.

You could even start building your first Alexa enabled prototype today.

Visit the Alexa developer portal to get started: https://developer.amazon.com/en-US/alexa

Watch the video below to hear the Alexa Developers talk about the Alexa Voice Service:


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