How to Ask Clear Questions – Amazon Alexa Voice Design Guide

Learn how to design for voice with our video series, Amazon Alexa Voice Design Guide where Paul Cutsinger and Jeff Blankenburg teach you how to ask clear questions when building a conversational UI.

A conversational UI is composed of turns, where someone says something, and Alexa responds. Simple interactions like “tell me joke” or “set a timer” have just one turn.

A multi-turn dialog is when a person and Alexa go back and forth several times. In each of these turns, Alexa responds to the previous input and prompts for information and instruction. Let’s talk about how clarity and disambiguation make these turns successful.

you want to keep turns succinct and natural. It would be odd and annoying to be asked “We have fries and salad. If you would like fries, say Fries, and if you would like salad, say Salad.”

Turn taking also happens when confirming what Alexa heard. An explicit confirmation asks a yes or no question like “I’ll schedule your haircut for 4 pm, OK?” This is important when getting it right really matters, so you have to make sure that the turn can handle the correction.

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