Samsung App Developers Offered $4M In 2012 Smart App Challenge

Samsung App Developers Offered $4M In 2012 Smart App Challenge

Samsung is offering over $4 Million in cash prizes for developers to participate in the 2012 Samsung Smart App Challenge to develop apps for the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note devices.

The Smart App Challenge is open to all international developers and offers 4.08 million dollars in cash and marketing support for app promotion to the top 80 apps including 60 Samsung Apps Super Apps and 20 of the Best Galaxy Note S Pen Apps.

The Smart App Challenge only applies for applications on sale at Samsung Apps from May 7 2012 through to September 30 2012.  Themes & Widgets are not included and Apps that are already on sale are not eligible and can’t be re-registered under a new name to participate.

Judging of the Challenge will take place from October 1 thru 30 with the Smart App Challenge Winners to be announced on October 31, 2012.

For app developers interested in participating, there are 3 steps to join the Smart App Challenge:

  • Register on the Challenge website to signify your intention to participate, provide some basic information and agree to the competition terms and conditions.
  • Develop you app and register it to Samsung Apps with the Samsung Apps Seller Office.
  • Return to the Smart App Challenge website and provide additional information about your app so that Samsung can monitor the total download numbers needed to determine the winners.

Apps developed for the Galaxy Tab or Galaxy Note (for the 60 Samsung Apps Super Apps) need to be build on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) or a higher version (i.e. Jelly Bean?) and winners will be judged on highest download counts with 30 Game App winners and 30 Non-Game App winners to be awarded.

Apps developed for the Galaxy Note with S Pen need to be build for Android 2.3 or higher with the 20 winners being chosen by a review panel with entries scored on the creativity and originality among the apps featuring the S Pen functionality enabled by the S Pen SDK.

Samsung also advise that it is possible to be a winner in both the Best Galaxy Note S Pen Apps and the Samsung Apps Super Apps categories.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note are both exciting products and the Smart App Challenge should produce some exciting applications that not only showcase these exciting Samsung products but also the Android mobile operating system.

Good luck to all the developers who are participating, we look forward to seeing the exciting innovations that come out of this competition.

Click Here To Visit The Samsung Smart App Challenge Website


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