Microsoft / Nokia Mobile Market Share Q2 2012

Microsoft Nokia Mobile Market Share

This interesting chart provides a clear indication that Microsoft are going to have a tough battle on their hands to develop a reasonable share of the smartphone market.

The most recent mobile market share data from the Nielsen Wire, shows just how badly the Microsoft / Nokia partnership is working out for Nokia (hint: badly!) and how hard it is going to be for Microsoft to penetrate the market.

Q2 2012 Smartphone Manufacturers Share USA

Firstly, the chart shows that Microsoft’s old Windows Mobile operating system has a larger overall market share than Windows Phone 7 and to add to Nokia’s woes, both Samsung and HTC have outsold the Nokia Windows Phone 7-based devices.

This was supposed to be Nokia’s chance to bounce back into contention to re-establish their place in phone owners hands however it appears that there is much more work to be done.


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