Apple And Its Competitors Continue To Evolve

Apple And Competitors Continued Evolution

The past few months have certainly delivered a raft of new products out of Apple HQ including iOS6, the iPhone 5, Mini iPad and a revision to the iPad 3 which features a faster processor and matching phone connector.

It is inevitable that you have heard about the Apple Maps catastrophe that has many asking if Apple had lost the plot and there are a fair share of people also complaining about the connector change that means they need to buy all new accessories however hopefully this change will be the last for a while.

There will certainly be a whole new range of apps developed to suit the iPad Mini, it is yet to be determined if they will be called Mini Apps or not but I am sure that Apple will find a way to leverage this new market segment.

However while Apple has dominated the news for the last 6 weeks their competitors have been slowly building up steam. The Microsoft Surface tablet release is imminent and Samsung have released a number of new devices (that hopefully don’t infringe on more Apple patents) so the competitive landscape is certainly heating up.

The diverse number of handset manufacturers developing Android based devices (along with the lower price-points) has allowed them to continue to eat away at Apple’s market share in the smartphone business and Microsoft’s entry into the hardware market with the Surface table will be sure to annoy many long-term OEM partners in the PC business while they bank their future on Windows 8 and its mobile derivatives.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out but one thing is for sure, this open marketplace will continue to deliver innovative and creative solutions across all of these devices and we are all lucky to be a part of this technology revolution.


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