App Retention Rates Increase, iPhone Leads The Way

iPhone App Retention Rates

In a further example of the maturing consumption habits of app users, app analytics company, Localytics reported that app retention is increasing across the mobile app market.

These statistics show a clear shift from the initial focus on download numbers to a more mature approach that considers both customer acquisition and retention.

Localytics research published in March 2011 showed that 26% of downloaded apps were only used one time with that number dropping to 22% in 2012 along with a corresponding increase in those who used an app more than 10 times in the following months, growing to 31% (from 26% in 2011).

Looking further into the numbers also reveals some interesting trends with iPhone and iPad users 52% more loyal in returning to their apps than Android users who also lose out on the one-time usage rate with 24$ compared to 21% for iPhone and iPad.

These improvements however suggest that app publishers may be building better, more engaging apps or the user is simply becoming far more selective about which apps they try as they gain experience in how to best integrate mobile technology into their lives.

Without doubt though, the iPhone is still providing developers with the best app retention rates with 94% on the iPhone compared to 47% for Android which is attributed mostly to the simplicity of migrating apps across devices on the Apple platform compared to Android.

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