Fully Funded By Kickstarter

Kickstarter App Fully Funded

We have seen many more stories in the press of fabulous ideas that reached their funding goals than I have about projects that were delivered on-budget and then proceeded to take the market by storm.

However, earlier this week, the latest Kickstarter success story, “” reached full funding at $500,000. Entrepreneur, Dalton Caldwell managed to entice people to pay $50 for an annual subscription and access to beta versions etc for the early adopters.

Join the Movement at from AppDotNet on Vimeo.

I actually think it might have some legs and I see no reason why the core of that platform developed to get a product to market and you instantly have 10,000 people waiting for it on launch with potentially thousands others knocking on the door waiting to get in.

It will be interesting to see what happens and what timeline they put out for development and we are certainly intrigued to see how they incorporate mobile into their strategy.

However this has certainly demonstrated that the age of crowd funding is truly here and Kickstarter are leading the way.


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