The Effects of BYOD In The Workplace

BYOD Workplace

Does BYOD present a genuine competitive advantage in the marketplace?

Only time will truly tell, however there are already numerous reports of companies experiencing productivity increases and improvements to employee morale on the back of implementing a BYOD policy.

The demand for BYOD in the workplace will only continue to grow and the recent holiday season would have only increased the number of employees who own mobile devices.

Many have predicted that 2013 to be “The Year of BYOD” however this still means that companies will need to perform a balancing act between protecting company data and ensuring BYOD users’ privacy isn’t being trampled.

As more and more mobile devices make their way into the workplace, security and user education will become increasingly important.

With BYOD expected to be the rule, not the exception within a few short years we are interested to know what you think about the rise of BYOD in 2013 and how your company is addressing the security risks involved with BYOD.

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