Use These Killer Marketing and Distribution Strategies for Your App

Killer Marketing and Distribution Strategies for Your App

When you are getting ready to market and distribute your app, you have a number of things to think about. When you want to focus in the right direction, you have to start by identifying your target demographic. You can then move on to pricing considerations and cast a wide net to lure in potential app users throughout the world.

Know Who Your Target Demographic Is Before You Get Started

Once you have created your app, you have to identify who the strongest audience will be. When you know who you are marketing to, your content and techniques used will cater to this demographic. Take the time to thoroughly think about your target demographic. Identify what they might look like, what they do for work, or what their favorite hobbies are. The more you can get inside the mind of your audience, the better you will be able to create marketing materials geared towards them. You’ll be able to send your target demographic sms messaging that is focused and effective.

Watch Your App Pricing

While it’s tempting to want to focus on each download to produce revenue, the highest apps downloaded are those that are considered freemium. Users can utilize the app to a degree which results in you making money when users pay for in-app purchases. However, these types of purchases don’t make sense for every type of app created. For example, in-app purchases are great for games, but terrible for an app that is a simple reminder app. More revenue comes from in-app purchases than from straight downloads, so it’s important to consider this model for your app if possible.

Promote Your App Wide and Far

When you are promoting your app, you have to use a wide variety of ways to get your app noticed. You can automate tasks to send out tweets on a consistent basis, engage followers on social media, and continually blog about app features as a way to gain interest. Consider a variety of promotions for your app, and offer these promotions as incentive for sharing your app on social media.

Pay Attention to Your Current Customers

While you’ll always be focused on trying to gain new users, it’s also vital to pay attention to your current customers. Retention of your users is essential to the life of your app. Provide new promotions for your mobile users and continually work to re-engage your current users. Always promote your app by creating new modes of engagement and by offering exclusive perks to users for a limited time.

Consider the International Market

It often doesn’t take much to take an app made for users in the United States and bring it into the international market. This will create a much wider audience for your app. While you may fall flat in one country, you may thrive in another. Look for places where your app type is trending, and utilize the language of that area to try your app in that particular area of the world.

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