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Mobile App Promotion Marketing

Getting your app noticed on the app store is one of the biggest challenges in a crowded app marketplace.

Here are some of the ways you can promote your app:

App Reviews
There are many other places outside of the major app markets where your app can get reviewed that can drive additional downloads, sales and provide more visibility in search engines.

You can contact these websites directly, give them a free copy of your app, and hope they will review it. In many cases you can negotiate for premium options for a fee such as being featured on their home page, inclusion in newsletters or social media mentions,

Promo Codes
If you have a paid app make sure you use the promo codes available to you through iTunes Connect. An important thing to remember is that you get a new batch of promo codes every time you update your app so if you run out, just push out a small update and you’ll have a fresh supply. Promo codes are great to give away so people can try out your app and tell their friends. You should also make sure you give any app reviewers or bloggers a promo code as well.

Facebook Page
It doesn’t matter whether you like Facebook or not, it is one of the richest sources of app download traffic available. Your Facebook page is free to setup and run, however Facebook also offers advertising that can direct people to “Like” your page or go directly to the download page for your app.

Twitter Profile
Twitter is another great way to get your links out there. Since a tweet is only short (140 characters) they don’t take up much time to put together. A great way to get new followers on Twitter is to search for people who have similar interests to you and follow them, you’ll find that a reasonable number of people follow you back and you have an instant marketing channel for your app with very little effort.

Having an endorsement from a celebrity or someone popular and well respected in an industry will have a positive effect on your downloads. Your app will receive an instant credibility boost and you can refer to the endorsement in all of your marketing and on your app’s page on the app store.

Flyers, Stickers & Promotional Material
Real-world marketing still works to promote an app. Hand out flyers or cards at relevant events. If you include a QR Code on any marketing material you distribute, people will simply be able to scan the QR Code with their phone and be instantly taken to your website or the download page for the app.

QR codes are ideal for app developers who regularly use print materials for advertising and marketing. In essence, QR codes eliminate the number of steps required for a customer to find out information, which increases the odds that someone will follow through and download your app.

In-App Social Sharing On Facebook & Twitter
You can provide an option within your app for users to share via Facebook or Twitter. While some apps like games might have a far more viral effect from social sharing, even the simplest app should still have a way for satisfied users to tell their friends.

Cross-promotion With Other Developers
Establish a relationship with other developers who work in the same markets (if it is big enough) or who offer complimentary apps and arrange to cross-promote each others products. This allows you to have far more control over which apps your add is appearing in and could dramatically increase downloads if you find the right partnership.

Media Outreach
You should reach out to tech writers and other magazine or newspaper journalists who might be interested in reviewing your app. You’ll need to be persistent, there will be more knock-backs than anything else but there are a lot of benefits that can come from having your app reviewed in traditional media. You will certainly acquire some new users and you can add quotes from the review to your app store description to increase your credibility.

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