Performing App Market Research

Mobile App Market Research

No matter what type of app you have, you need to research your competitors, your prospective users and attitudes towards your type of app in the marketplace in general.

Good research can provide invaluable marketing information without costing you the earth.

There are numerous online research facilities that are very popular one for conducting quick research like

Even Google has its own survey and form creation software to use for free. Survey programs like these provide you with survey templates, question types and the ability to customise your surveys.

You have the ability to choose “question types” such as:

  • Multiple text boxes
  • Rating scales
  • Commentary boxes
  • Demographic information
  • Multiple choice questionnaires

You can save lots of time by using their pre-made survey templates. They collect and manage your responses and provide segmentation and analysis of the answers for you if you want.

Another online resource for helping you create and analyse surveys is – where there are a whole bunch of survey templates that you can choose from.

Having detailed information about who your target audience is, is worth pure gold. Without it, you run the risk of firing arrows in the air and having little chance of hitting your targets.

So by using an online survey template, you can at least gain some type of feedback about your products or services – so why not do it?

While you would ideally want to do this type of research before you launched your app (and even as early as the design phase), you can really conduct your research at any time.

Even once your app has launched surveys represent a great way to re-engage with the users who have your app installed but who haven’t used it in a while.

There are a variety of ways that surveys can be used to help build your customer profile and get valuable feedback from your users and this valuable information should be used to direct your advertising and marketing.

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