5 Mobile App Marketing Do’s for 2014

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According to Matt Galligan, SimpleGeo, the future of mobile is the future of everything. And therein lies the profound statement of the power of mobile applications marketing. Here are the top 5 mobile app marketing do’s 2014.

Real estate

According to statistics from Morgan Stanley, mobile users will overtake desktop users in 2014. It is critical for a mobile application marketer to think of screen real estate while designing applications as in responsive web design.

Alternatively, you can also go in for a mobile template which means that you have a second website or a subdomain which caters specifically only to mobile devices. The biggest difference between the 2 is that responsive web design requires just one website, which is coded so it can cater to different screen sizes whereas the latter will necessitate you to build content for every type of screen size.

Cross screen commerce

A study by Google, Sterling Brands and Ipsos revealed that 90% of content consumption is carried out on 4 screens – tablets, laptops, smartphones and television.

Therefore, a mobile marketer must cater for a cross screen experience across such a wide range of screens. One of the success stories in this domain is Staples, which allows shoppers to complete their shopping process with a minimum number of clicks and also allows them to connect to physical establishments by using the GPS settings on the smart phones. So they have an option of finishing the shopping online or visiting their nearest store.


Handling data in order to generate actionable information is a big deal when it comes to mobile app marketing. Some of the ways in which analytics can be carried out include push notifications, user interface galleries, user feedback and in-app analytics SDK. For instance, Flurry Analytics will help you with in-app analytics SDK among other things. There is Yozio for campaign tracking and Appify WordPress for application websites and landing pages. You can also access Forresters’s guide to mobile analytics and the vendors that operate in this space.

Building deep links

The deeper the link, the stronger the possibility of getting a user to convert into a loyal and paying customer. This allows the user to have a more targeted experience. Some of the names in this domain are Deeplink.me from Cellogic and URX. Native advertising can also go a very long way in building such deep links.

Building the right kind of applications

It also has to start with the right kind of mobile app development process. A lot of experts state that building native application will give you the opportunity to interact in a much more deeper and meaningful manner with your users. One of the biggest uses of native applications is the fact that you can also establish a push notification channel and send targeted messages to your users.

Therefore, in order to find continued success for mobile application marketing campaigns, you must keep responsive web design, cross screen commerce, native applications, deep linking and use great content to drive your campaign forward.


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