We’re having a Social Media Hangout Day here at App Consultants to talk about apps with everyone.

We will be posting lots of great tips and advice and we’re happy to chat about apps all day long.

  • Is there a question about app development or outsourcing that has been holding you back from getting started with your app?
  • Have you already launched your app but aren’t seeing the downloads that you expected?
  • Do you want to talk about ways to increase user engagement in your app?
  • Or more importantly, how to monetise your app better and make more money from it?

Today is the chance to get your questions answered about apps, app development, app marketing, new user acquisition, user monetisation and more…

This isn’t a technical discussion but more of a high-level look at all of the issues surrounding developing and marketing a mobile app for the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Microsoft Windows or Android platforms.

We’re here to help give you answers about developing and marketing apps.

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